Hot Naked Yoga

January 22, 2011

On most of our lists, a little weight loss, firming up, and anti gravity action are goals to get us to a point where we aren’t turning off the lights before we hop in the shower.

So will all this Bikram yoga help us look H.O.T. naked?

Let’s first ask the question so many are wondering about. Will Bikram Yoga help you lose weight? Does it actually burn 800-1,500 calories depending on the class?

You can plug your weight, exercise and duration into many of the calorie counters online and be surprised by how much it says you are burning in one hot yoga class.

But is it true?

A heart rate monitor might be a good way to go. A woman next to me said at the end of class she burned over 900 calories. I figured I did too so I went out and ate a taco omelet that had to be delivered to my table with a forklift.

No exercise can do it alone without healthy eating habits in conjunction with the exercise. Believe me. I love food and am always going to enjoy food, so I need an exercise program that will balance that.

Many fitness sources online say that Bikram isn’t going to do what a good jog and weight class will do, but I think Bikram is getting a bum rap.

Many of these sources complain that what you lose is water weight and once you re-hydrate, those pounds will come back. Allow me to use my college journalism education and respond to this concisely with one eloquent word. DUH.

In what other class or exercise routine do you expect to drop pounds immediately after class? So you negative exercise bloggers out there, lay off my Bikram! I don’t know about you but I want long-lasting results, not immediate results that won’t last.

Jumping into yoga’s physical (and nowhere near spiritual) aspects is the controversial Slim Calm Sexy Yoga: The fifteen minute yoga solution for feeling and looking your best from head to toe, by Tara Stiles. Yeah, right. Ms. Stiles was already a long-limbed Ford model who was asked by her agency to demonstrate yoga poses on YouTube. Now, she is trying to sell us the idea in her new book that we can all  be slim, calm, and sexy with just fifteen minutes of yoga per day?

The New York Times says she is a yoga rebel, gaining devotees. Her approach has also arisen fury in many serious yoga bloggers such as Jennilyn Carson, the blogger known as Yoga Dork. I understand that fury. Ms. Stiles appears to me to be  yet another “reality” (via the internet) star who has cashed in on public insecurity and naivete to better her own life with the almighty dollar.

Even though I understand that yoga is a lifestyle, I did experience immediate results even after my first Bikram yoga class. I felt thinner and much calmer in my daily life. That’s worth everything.

Once you accomplish the mind game, you are already there. After three months of Bikram (at least five days per week, 90 minutes per day), I feel leaner and longer as my muscles are continuing to stretch.

My former weight, cardio and yoga instructor worries that I will lose muscle mass. I wonder about that too, but I check out other Bikram practitioners, especially the teachers, and they look long, lean, and amazing.

Today, the sun is out in Oregon and is supposed to stay around for about one week. No matter what the temperature is, I am sure I will see Oregonians in shorts and sandals.

I for one am breaking out the grill this week and creating the simplest and healthiest of meals. One of my families favorite dinner requests is a shish kabob which honors everyone from the vegan to the vegetarian to the omnivore in the group.

You can’t do better than meals with lean protein and lots of veggies to keep you satisfied while losing a little weight.

Hot Naked Shish Kabobs

Choose your protein






Chop and marinate if desired.

Marinated pork in a simple bottled House Italian salad dressing is delicious and better than you can imagine on the grill.

Chicken in a light teriyaki sauce is an option and steak in a Rosemary Dijon is also delicious. But on a grill, no marinade is necessary.

Choose your veggies

Red peppers

Yellow peppers

Green peppers

Orange peppers

Sweet onions

Cherry tomatoes


Chop and marinate if desired

If I have time, I like to marinate my veggies. I place them in a large plastic bag with Italian dressing or a simple homemade vinaigrette.

What Makes this meal so wonderful is you can choose whatever time allows and whatever everyone is in the mood for.

I use to have everyone make their own shish kabobs for dinner parties, but found the meat cooks unevenly with the veggies and that it is better to skewer all proteins together.

Skewer, grill and enjoy. I like to serve my Hot Naked Shish Kabobs with a delicious bottled Egyptian Mint Leave sauce by Crosse & Blackwell. It is a must for lamb, pork and even steak if it is not marinated.

I also make Uncle Bens wild rice special by sautéing green onions with the rice prior to cooking and added toasted almonds when the rice is ready to serve.

For dessert grill some pineapple while the grill is still hot and serve with coconut ice cream or gelato.

Oh, and about looking H.O.T. naked:

*Warning. Reading the following may provide you with unsettling images:

If attending Bikram yoga classes consistently, combined with healthy and nutritious eating habits, is leaving you impatient for immediate results, plan to show up for a real Hot Naked Yoga class. You are sure to lose your appetite for weeks prior and your cookies for days after.

Bon Appetit and Namaste!

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loma smith-weber January 22, 2011 at 4:37 pm

oh my….,just got back from bend and what a wonderful day. stayed on a ranch with goats and chickens….ate fresh eggs and spinich and looked at the 3 siters in all their glory.

I am really ready to try this hot yoga….naked…not yet….but i sure want to….you are amazing thanks so much for showing up to let us hear your testimony. I think your so cool …..hugs……6 am….still thinking….lomski


laurensimon January 23, 2011 at 7:05 am

Sounds like Heaven! Let me know Loma! Love to have you visit Bikram West Linn!
((You)) are the definition of cool.


jackson June 11, 2011 at 3:51 am

i like to know abt. yoga….


Tiyana June 30, 2011 at 9:38 pm

I was checking out pictures of poses and weight loss with bikram and ran across this. And to my surprise, I found out you are an instructor at West Linn Bikram! I just left there a few hours ago! Geez! What a small world! Doing the 30 day challenge! wish me luck 🙂


laurensimon July 1, 2011 at 8:31 am

Hi Tiyana!

Good luck on the challenge! It is such a wonderful experience, good for you! I am not a yoga instructor just a willing student:) I have taken a month off due to a few life pulls (will be blogging in a day or two about it:) and look forward to getting back Tuesday to the West Linn studio! I just love everyone there.

Much success and support!
XO Lauren


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